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Check out more info about Texas Ranches, and go visit the wonderful museums that are located all around the state.  This page is intended as a helpful list.  All oversights unintentional. New links will be added as available.

Who was interviewed as part of this project?

Individual Videos/Oral Histories


  1. Ranches
    1. King
      1. Helen Groves
    2. Armstrong Ranch
      1. Sarita Armstrong Hixon, Armstrong Ranch
      2. J. Barclay Armstrong , Armstrong Ranch
      3. Katharine Armstrong
      4. Cody Fry, manager Armstrong Ranch
      5.  audio
      6. James Baker
      7. Garland Lasater
      8. Mollie Lasater
  1. Hudgins
    1. Coleman Hudgins Locke, J.D. Hudgins Ranch, Inc.
    2. John Locke, Locke Division, J.D. Hudgins Ranch, Inc.
    3. Michael Goudeau, Goudeau Farms, J.D. Hudgins Ranch, Inc.
    4. Richard Forgason, Forgason Cattle Company, J.D. Hudgins Ranch, Inc.
    5. Bob Hudgins, J.D. Hudgins Ranch, Inc.
  1. J.D. Sartwelle, Jr.
  2. Brown
    1. Austin Brown II, Brown Ranch, Beeville, TX
    2. Austin Brown III, Brown Ranch, Beeville, TX
  3. McKnight
    1. Bobby McKnight, McKnight Ranch
  4. V-8 Ranch
    1. Jim Williams, V-8 Ranch
    2. Rachel Cutrer, V-8 Ranch
  5. Bonds
    1. Pete Bonds, Bonds Ranch
    2. April Bonds, Bonds Ranch
    3. Bill Craft
  1. 6666
    1. Joe Leathers Manager, Four Sixes Ranch
    2. Dr. Glenn Blodgett Four Sixes Ranch
    3. Boots O’Neill Four Sixes Ranch
    4. Reggie Hatfield Four Sixes Ranch
    5. Monty Hollar Four Sixes Ranch
    6. Justin Johnson Four Sixes Ranch
    7. Dusty Burson
  1. Broseco
    1. Tom Woodward, Broseco Ranch
  2. Matador
    1. Bob Kilmer Manager, Matador Ranch
    2. Les Woolsey, Matador Ranch
    3. Tim Washington, Matador Ranch
    4. Colton and Jessie Russell, Matador Ranch
  1. McFaddin
    1. Bob McCan, McFaddin Ranch
    2. Augie McCan, McFaddin Ranch
  2. VI Pierce
    1. Pierce Miller, V.I. Pierce Ranch
  3. Sims Ranch
    1. Sims Price, Price Ranch
    2. Frank Price, Price Ranch


    1. Charles Long, Texas A&M AgriLife Research
    2. John Walker, Texas A&M AgriLife Research
    3. Russell Cross, Texas A&M University
    4. Bill Mies
    5. Neville Clarke
    6. Zerle Carpenter
    7. Jeff Savell
    8. Jim Sanders


  • Breeds of Cattle
    1. Tobin Armstrong
    2. Bob McCan
    3. Charles Long
    4. Jim Sanders
    5. Coleman Locke and JD Sartwelle Jr – The Story of MANSO


  1. Taking Care of the Land
    1. Each Ranch
    2. Brad Dabbert TTU Quail conservation

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Texas has terrific museums.  Start here!!




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